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    Vigo Cruise Port
    Discover the Delights of Galicia
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    Vigo Cruise Port
    Discover the Delights of Galicia
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    Welcome to Vigo! A city known for its stunning coastal views, lively atmosphere, and delicious seafood.
    About The Port

    Vigo is a city in the south-west of Spain, on the shores of the Rías Baixas - the largest estuary of the Bay of Biscay. Vigo is a major economic agent in the region because of the French Stellantis Vigo Plant and its port. Vigo is located near the Portugal-Spain border and is part of the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion. The Port of Vigo is more than 20 kilometers long and has more than 9 kilometers of docks. It is said to be one of the finest natural ports in the world and its maritime qualities have given rise to present-day marinas and the transatlantic harbour.

    Featuring a 702m berthing line, the port can easily handle the largest ships in the world. It can simultaneously host 3 to 4 small ships or 2 large ships. With its terminal the cruise port can easily handle homeporting or interporting operations.

    Global Ports Holding has started operating Vigo Cruise Port through a 50/50 joint venture with local partners under a concession agreement that currently runs until the end of 2024.

    Port Facts
    Maximum Ship Dimensions for Berth
    Lenght: 702m
    Width: 80m
    Draught: 11m
    Total number of Berths: 2
    Total Berthing Line: 702m
    Quay Depth: 12m
    Distances/ Transportations
    City Center: 100m
    Airport: 25km
    Shuttle Service: No
    General Information
    Terminal: 1
    Bus Capacity:
    Turnaround Port: No
    Discover Vigo
    Discover Vigo

    Vigo, an industrial and modern city, has few notable old structures but is home to the Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria and various museums, the most of which were opened between the late 1990s and the early 2000s. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO) and the Museum of the Sea are two good examples. The Quiones de León Municipal Museum is the city's oldest museum. The region's most important historic center is in its capital and rival city, Pontevedra.

    Must See
    • Castro Fortress
    • Playa de Samíl
    • Casco Vello
    • Parque Monte del Castro
    • Museo de Arte Contemporanea
    • Museum of the Sea
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