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    Valletta Cruise Port
    The Door to the Mediterranean
    Stephen Xuereb
    Stephen Xuereb
    Valletta Cruise Port GM
    "Welcome to Valletta! Long considered to be a microcosm of the Mediterranean, with 7,000 years of recorded history, and a favorite with travelers seeking an authentic island experience, Malta offers moments of complete relaxation that can be combined with an exploration of the many cultural, artistic and natural treasures. Malta strikes the right balance between traditional hospitality and cosmopolitan spirit. We remain faithful to our roots; our flexibility, reliability and commitment are at the center of everything we do.”
    About The Port

    Established in 2002, Valletta Cruise Port is the only licensed cruise and ferry terminal operator in Valletta, Malta. Valletta Cruise Port, the gateway to Malta’s capital, Valletta, welcomes more than half-a-million cruise passengers into a city considered to be an open-air museum. Malta is strategically positioned in the center of the Mediterranean, offering endless possibilities for just about any itinerary in the Eastern or Western Mediterranean. The port of Valletta is the gateway to Malta’s rich historical and cultural experience.

    The award-winning Valletta Cruise Port is situated in a natural deep water harbor, with year-round easy access to ships of all sizes. The port can accommodate 3 cruise ships simultaneously. There are three passenger facilities, with the main terminal located in the historic Magazino Hall, which is fully modernized and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Fiber optic and Wi-Fi links from the Magazino Hall to the ship allow for simultaneous onboard registration and check-in. The facilities are easily capable of processing at least 500 guests per hour. The small size of the island means all attractions are within close proximity of one another. Furthermore, Valletta Cruise Port is just 10 minutes away from Malta International Airport, ideal for turnaround operations.

    While in port, passengers can step off the ship immediately on to the Valletta Waterfront, one of Malta’s most iconic landmarks. There are 19 beautifully restored 18th-century warehouses and bastions, built during the Baroque period. The exquisite gemstone buildings were originally constructed by Grand Master Pinto to be used as stores by the Knights of St. John, today restored to offer a host of diverse services.

    In 2015, Global Ports Holding completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Valletta Cruise Port, engaged in port operations and the leasing of office, catering and retail outlets in Malta.

    Port Facts
    Central Mediterranean
    Maximum Ship Dimensions For Berth
    Length: 360m
    Width: No Limit
    Draught: 12m
    Quays / Berths
    Total Number of Berths: 7
    Total Berthing Line Length: 2,166m
    Quay Depth: 10.5m - 11m
    Distances / Transportation
    City Center: 1.5km
    Airport: 6km
    General Information
    Terminal: 3
    Bus Capacity: 50+
    Turnaround Port: Yes
    Discover Valletta
    Discover Valletta

    Malta features one of the oldest temples in the world, many sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and a vibrant Mediterranean lifestyle. Valletta, the capital of Malta, is a 16th-century masterpiece established by the Knights of St. John, and is itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Described as a city “built by gentlemen for gentlemen”, Valletta is home to an impressive 300 places of interest. Centrally located in the Mediterranean Sea, the archipelago of islands is truly a melting pot of major world civilizations and a convergence point for many different cultures. This marriage means the locals have the gift of understanding true diversity, an international quality which translates into warm hospitality. Malta’s best kept secret is the sister island of Gozo, a unique oasis for visitors. Expanding the itinerary to include the sister island of Gozo creates a “two-for-one” bonus, with no additional port charges.

    Must See
    • Valletta Waterfront
    • Grandmaster’s Palace, Valletta
    • St John’s Co Cathedral, Valletta
    • Mdina (Malta’s old capital city)
    • Neolithic Temples
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