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    Sedat Kara
    Sedat Kara
    Port of Adria, GM
    About The Port

    The Port of Adria, located on the western border of Bar in Montenegro, serves as Montenegro’s main seaport. The surrounding area has major tourism appeal. Modern Bar was built almost entirely after World War II in a contemporary architectural style featuring wide boulevards. On top of its natural and historic charm, the Port of Adria is a strategically located Non-EU port in the Adriatic region.

    The Port of Adria is a multipurpose port featuring a quay length of 1,440 m, with dedicated terminals for container ships, general cargo ships and cruise ships. The port covers a total area of 518.790 m 2 with nine berths, and has an annual capacity of 750,000 TEU and 6 million tons of general cargo.

    The port is key to regional transportation because of its integration with the Belgrade-Bar railway and road traffic network, and benefits from the “Free Zone” regime. The Free Zone regime covers the entire area of the Port of Adria, providing exemption from customs duties, taxes and other charges.

    The goal of the Port of Adria is to become a major gateway for Serbian, Bosnian, Kosovan and Macedonian cargo, and with ongoing construction of the highway and connection to key corridors, it will surely attract more business and volume in years to come.

    In order to provide a higher quality of service, the Port of Adria has been continuously investing in equipment, IT hardware and software, safety and security projects, and HR and MT training. The port is constantly increasing the quality of the services it provides. The Port of Adria is regarded as having one of the highest development potentials of all the seaports in the region.

    Global Ports Holding (GPH) acquired the operating rights for the Port of Adria through its privatization in 2013. GPH owns a majority stake in the Port of Adria. The acquisition not only marked GPH’s first overseas acquisition investment, but was also the first ever Turkish acquisition of a controlling stake in an overseas port operation.

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