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Health, Safety & Environment

Global Ports Holding (GPH) takes responsibility of the environmental impact of its group companies and subsidiaries. As a leading player in the cruise industry, GPH understands the impact of cruise operations may have on the world's outstanding cities, where GPH ports are located. It is GPH’s vision to mitigate these impacts by implementing clean energy solutions and raising awareness on the responsible use of resources.

In pursuit of this vision, GPH is dedicated to preserving the natural habitats of the cities in which its ports operate, making a positive impact on the global environment. GPH’s commitment to environmental stewardship is reflected in the GPH Operations and HSE Policy, a comprehensive manual that outlines best practices and guidelines for all aspects of operations, health, safety and the environment across our entire network of ports.

GPH proudly complies with, and often exceeds, the requirements of all local and international laws and regulations, regarding health and safety and environment. Even then, we regard these as minimum standards only and strive to improve on every aspect of our HSE performance year-on-year. GPH strives to be a model for environmental stewardship, leaving a lasting and positive legacy for future generations.

Healt Safety M

Security Management is a cross-functional practice for GPH ports and office headquarters, with a focus on products and services. We aim to prevent anything that may directly or indirectly affect day-to- day operational activities.

GPH has developed its own security code, which both covers and surpasses the detail and security level of the ISPS [International Ship and Port Facility Security], and it is applied to each GPH port. All related policies formed by GPH or local authorities are reviewed and implemented by the GPH Head of Security in each location. The GPH security code sets the standard and helps improve security in all its ports in clearly defined, specific ways. Thanks to the code, GPH ports not only comply with ISPS standards but are ready to implement other vital security codes and standards, such as ISO 27001 Information Security Management and ISO 20858 Maritime Port Facility Security Assessments and Security Plan Development.

Healt Safety