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    The Maritime Gem of the North Sea
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    The Maritime Gem of the North Sea
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    Timo A. Schön
    Bremerhaven Cruise Port GM
    Welcome to Bremerhaven! A dynamic port city where maritime history, cultural attractions, and seaside charm converge to create an unforgettable experience.
    About The Port

    Bremerhaven Cruise Port, operated by Global Ports Holding, has been awarded a 10-year port concession agreement, extendable by an additional 5 years, for the operation of the Cruise Terminal Columbusbahnh of Bremerhaven. This agreement marks a significant milestone for Bremerhaven Cruise Port, scheduled to commence in January 2025.

    Bremerhaven’s strategic positioning renders it ideal for traversing Scandinavian and Baltic Sea routes, making it a pivotal stop for cruise itineraries. Currently undergoing substantial investment by local authorities, the cruise facilities at Bremerhaven Cruise Port are slated for a comprehensive overhaul, promising enhanced amenities and services.

    In 2022, the port welcomed over 230,000 passengers, predominantly originating from homeports, highlighting its established presence in the cruise industry.

    Bremerhaven serves as a gateway to the majestic vistas of the North Sea, nestled at the northwest frontier of Germany. Positioned strategically, it thrives as a maritime and exploratory nucleus and as a pivotal juncture to the Atlantic. For enthusiasts of maritime lore, Bremerhaven beckons with museums and historic edifices that chronicle its seafaring legacy. Additionally, the port serves as the gateway to the world-famous city of Bremen, renowned for its cultural heritage and historical significance.

    Port Facts
    North Europe
    Maximum Ship Dimensions for Berth
    Length: No Limit
    Width: No Limit
    Draught: 9.80m
    Quays / Berths
    Total Number of Berths: 3
    Total Berthing Line Length: 1000m
    Quay Depth: 9m-11m
    Distances / Transportation
    City Centre: 3km
    Airport: 70km
    Shuttle Service: No
    General Information
    Terminal: 1
    Turnaround Port: Yes
    Discover Bremerhaven
    Discover Bremerhaven

    Bremerhaven is a vibrant port city on Germany's North Sea coast, where maritime heritage meets modern allure. Stroll along the bustling harbor, where historic ships like the Bremen cog from 1380 stand testament to the city's rich seafaring past. Explore the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost, an interactive museum that takes you on a journey through the world's climates, or visit the German Emigration Center to trace the footsteps of millions who embarked on a new life across the ocean. With its mix of cultural attractions, fresh seafood delicacies, and a charming seaside promenade, Bremerhaven offers a captivating escape for history buffs, adventure seekers, and anyone yearning for a breath of fresh sea air.

    Must See
    • Bremen
    • Klimahaus Bremerhaven
    • The German Maritime Museum
    • Zoo by the Sea
    • North Sea Aquairum
    • Bremerhaven Discover
    • Bremerhaven Discover2
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