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Ancillary Services

Complementing our primary port services, is our ancillary services offerings. These services primarily target the enhancement of our passengers and the overall experience in the port and destination.

The services available at each port may vary according to the specifics of the concession or management agreement as well as the physical layout of the port.

Often, GPH will partner with local stakeholders to deliver these services, providing an authentic local experience in the port and helping to integrate the port into the fabric of the local economy.


These services include destination and shoreside services, crew services, and area&terminal management. Having our primary focus is on delivering services that are efficient, flexible, and provide value to the port, the wide range of services offered at our cruise ports includes transportation services to and from the port, duty-free shops offering souvenirs, gifts, and other items, restaurants, cafes, and bars for dining and drinking, guest information centers for providing information and assistance, crew member services, transportation, as well as convenience services like currency exchange, baggage storage, and Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, the port may establish partnerships with local businesses and organizations to provide these services, which can also contribute to the local economy.

Destination & Shoreside Services

Area & Terminal Management

Crew Services