Our Strategy
Our purpose is to be a key enabler of cruise tourism in our destinations for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Our Strategy Mobil

GPH’s cruise business model focuses on generating both organic and inorganic growth. Our organic growth strategy focuses on increasing passenger volumes over the medium term and utilising our portfolio of services to provide ancillary services to cruise lines and services and goods directly to cruise passengers, thereby growing our revenue yield per PAX. Our inorganic strategy focuses on expanding our network through either investment into or management of carefully chosen cruise ports. We then enable them to reach their full potential by harnessing our global best practice and experience to generate strong returns.

Our Strategy

Countinued Expansion

Continued expansion in cruise ports through targeted, disciplined new port investments in selective strategic locations in the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Asia.

Continued Transformation

Continued transformation of our cruise terminals and passenger experience, including implementing and expanding B2C and B2B ancillary service opportunities to deliver revenue growth and higher per PAX yield.

Delivering Growth and Cash

Focusing on delivering growth while maintaining a low cost and cash generative business model from operating port concessions.

For a closer look at our strategy, read our 2023 Annual Report
What We Do
We consider our cruise revenue based on two defined segments:
Cruise Services Revenue

Cruise services revenue: revenue mainly derived from handling cruise ships and their passengers and crew through terminal and marine services. These revenues are generated primarily through per passenger charges for a range of core services at each port.

  • Landing fees
  • Security fees
  • Luggage handling fees
Ancillary Services

Ancillary services: revenue from a portfolio of additional services offered at each port:

  • Port services
  • Destination services
  • Area management

We provide our services direct to cruise lines, passengers, cruise ships and crew, as well as working with destination stakeholders such as retailers, office tenants and third-party service providers. We also serve ferries and super- and mega yachts in some ports.

For a closer look at our strategy, read our 2023 Annual Report